COVID has really changed the game when it comes to wedding planning. I feel for every engaged couple out there dealing with the stress, decisions, and all the new rules and regulations put in place! The uncertainty of the future or what the right thing to do is overwhelming.

Morgan + Tim know firsthand how stressful it all can be and they solved their dilemma by canceling their venue and renting an Airbnb! They invited 50 close friends and family to Munnsville for a small, intimate wedding. Originally, Morgan + Tim planned to have their wedding at the Scholars Hotel in Syracuse with around 200 guests, but because of all the new rules and uncertainty they made the hard decision to cancel.

Since Morgan is a bride of mine, I thought who best to hear about this experience from than straight from her! So, I asked her all the questions you all are probably wondering and hopefully it can help another COVID bride/groom in the future.

What were your original wedding plans?


"Originally we were getting married May 30th, 2020. Our ceremony was at a church and our reception was at the Scholars Hotel in Syracuse, NY. We expected around 200 people. When COVID happened, we had to postpone to September 26th."

Why did you decide to change your wedding plans?


"Closer to the date we were told we were still very restricted with what we were allowed to do- there was no dancing, all guest had to be in masks at all times at both the church and hotel. I most definitely didn't want my wedding like that so we started thinking of new ideas. We could've postponed to next year. That was the easier option, but that just wasn't in our plans to wait another year."

How did you come up with the idea of an Airbnb?


"I started looking at Airbnb to find a house large enough for just our families to stay for the weekend so we could elope. But as we started thinking more into it we really wanted close friends and family other than our immediate family. I really just wanted to always look back on that day and remember the happiness and fun we had.

I found Camp Dancing Crow and rented it Friday to Monday. I asked the host if it was okay for us to host a small wedding and she said absolutely (most of the ads in Airbnb say no events or parties but if you reach out to them most don't mind or just add a small fee-I had to message quite a few places before I found dancing crow)"

Did you save money?


"It was significantly cheaper! We went from a $20k wedding to getting everything for about $5k!"

What was the best part about your day?


"I think the best part was we had no time limit. We weren't in a rush to get things done on time, everything was a lot less stressful and laid back. We also had the place until Monday so we were able to enjoy the next day and night all to ourselves."

Are you happy you decided on an intimate wedding?


"I 100% am so happy with the way we got married. I think back now to our almost church wedding and hotel reception and can't even picture it being nearly as amazing as the wedding we had. I couldn't imagine a more perfect day. I still got to wear my gorgeous dress, I still got to walk with my father down the aisle, I still had our first dance even if it was in grass and ended the night by the camp fire with our closest friends. It was just all amazing. So calm and beautiful and I miss the cabin every week and cannot wait to make that a little getaway each anniversary!"

The AirBnB

Camp Dancing Crow-Munnsville, NY

3 beds/2 baths

6 guests

This log cabin has many intriguing features including:

-Spectacular views

-3 person hot tub on upper level deck overlooking the land

-Outdoor BBQ

-Master bath has 2 person steam bath

-2 large LCD TV's (1 in living room, 1 in master bedroom) that comes with fire stick

-Long 700ft, off the road driveway provides quiet privacy

To book or view more information on this AirBnB click here

Camp Dancing Crow

Camp Dancing Crow Cabin

The Vendors

Tables/Chairs: Intents Events

Florals: Mizz Bs Flower and Gifts

Hair: Ann Baker

Makeup: Ashley Downey

Photography: Karen Castor Photography

Tent: Intents Events

DJ: Dj Mike Barry

Caterer: Northschorty Catering

Cake: Biscottis