Pricing & Packages

Gone are the days of thinking elopements as a last minute solution to quickly get married. They are WAY more than a Las Vegas or courthouse wedding.

Imagine hiking a Rocky Mountain and saying your vows as the sun comes up over the clouds, chase each other through desert slot canyons, have a picnic on the beaches of Hawaii, or even leave the US to explore some place epic together.

Your marriage is the start to an amazing life adventure, why not kick it off with a ceremony that is totally YOU and encompasses the things you love the most!


New York is my home and I'm so grateful to have such breathtaking places within a day trip. From the Catskills to the Adirondacks, you can find waterfalls galore and incredible mountain views for your elopement!

Starting from $2000


Arizona will be my home as of January 2022. Slot canyons, mountains, lakes, desert, etc. all make for an epic adventure to say "I do."

Starting from $2000


This package is for the truly die -hard adventurers. The ones who want the full package. Multiple day and multiple location options for a crazy adventure. Let's start planning!

Starting at $4000